Nos tarifs d'appel

The rate that will be applicable to your call will depend on the type of call that you will be making.
Please use the appropriate form on the left side of this page to get the right rate for you.

Use the following chart to determine your call type, or simply click here to see the entire rate list

You are doing a Callback when ... You a placing a Direct Call when ...
  • You call, hear a busy tone, hang up and receive a call back from our systems.
  • You initiate a call by sending an SMS.
  • You initiate a call from the Web.
  • We initiate a call on your phone on your behalf.
  • You call an access number from your phone, and then you dial your destination without hanging up.
  • You are using a VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter to place your call.
  • You are using a SoftPhone to call directly from a computer using your computer microphone and speakers or a headset.
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